Brecon Beacons (via Shropshire)

Embark on a captivating drive from the rugged peaks of Brecon Beacons to the rolling hills of Shropshire.

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Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Supercar Adventure to the Brecon Beacons

Calling all petrolheads and driving enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce a one-of-a-kind supercar full-day drive to the breathtaking Brecon Beacons, starting from the heart of Shropshire. This exclusive event, meticulously planned for a Sunday, promises not just a drive, but an adventure, offering you the chance to unleash the full potential of your supercar amidst some of the most stunning landscapes the UK has to offer.

The day will begin early, with drivers gathering in Shropshire, where you'll meet fellow enthusiasts and get a brief rundown of the day's journey. As the engines start, so does the excitement. We will embark on a carefully curated route that promises exhilarating stretches, challenging curves, and awe-inspiring views, making every moment behind the wheel an unforgettable experience. The drive to the Brecon Beacons is not just about speed; it's about appreciating the synergy between machine and nature, where each bend in the road brings a new vista to behold.

As we traverse the countryside, moving from the rolling hills of Shropshire towards the majestic landscapes of the Brecon Beacons, you'll find camaraderie in the shared passion for driving and a deep appreciation for the engineering marvels we pilot. The Brecon Beacons National Park, known for its rugged beauty, presents the perfect backdrop for our supercars. The park's variety of roads will cater to all driving preferences, whether you're in it for the thrill of speed or for a leisurely cruise enjoying the scenery.

The highlight of our journey is a stop for Sunday Lunch at a handpicked location known for its exquisite cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. Here, we'll have the chance to relax, share stories from the road, and enjoy a delicious meal, making new friends over shared plates and stunning views.

This exclusive drive is limited to 12 cars to ensure a personalized and unforgettable experience for all participants. Whether you're a seasoned driver or new to the supercar community, this day promises to be a celebration of automotive passion, scenic beauty, and good company.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this exceptional journey. Confirm your interest using the buttons on the left of the page, and let's make memories that will last a lifetime. Rev your engines for an adventure where every mile is a story, and every turn brings a new thrill. Join us on this supercar expedition to the Brecon Beacons and be part of a unique story that you'll be eager to tell again and again.

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