2024 Start of Season Drive

Join us for our opening event of 2024, and find out all about our updates and plans.

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Event Itinerary

Peak District Drive: Opening Season Special

Join us for a truly mesmerizing journey through the Peak District as we kick off our new season! Embrace the raw beauty of nature, feel the thrill of the road, and make memories with fellow motoring enthusiasts.

Morning Gathering near Glossop (9:45AM)

Begin the day with a warm meetup near Glossop. As engines hum and anticipation builds, take this time to catch up with old pals, meet new ones, and prepare for the day's drive.

Departure (10:30AM)

Set off on the first leg of our journey. Feel the exhilaration as we ascend the Woodhead Pass, a driving haven with its smooth tarmac and captivating vistas. We'll continue our northern trajectory towards Holmfirth, a town framed by rolling hills and the perfect setting for our motoring adventure.  The roads and scenary along this route are amazing!

Scenic Stop at Snake Pass (11:15 AM - 11:45 AM)

Prepare for a treat as we descend through Bradfield and approach the iconic Snake Pass. Here, against the backdrop of the shimmering Ladybower Reservoir, we'll pause for photos - maybe even see a dambuster or two. Capture your vehicle in its element and in the company of other motoring masterpieces.

Lunch in Hathersage (12:30PM - 2:30PM)

By noon, our lunch in Hathersage awaits. Revel in a well-deserved break, relishing in gourmet delights and discussing the morning's highlights with fellow attendees.  Lunch will be paid for on the day.  We will need to complete pre-orders, which I will send out to all those booked on a couple of weeks before the event.  The lunch location will be made available to those who have booked onto the event for security reasons.

Afternoon Excursion (2:30PM)

Post-lunch, feel the rejuvenated spirit of adventure. Drive south through the charming streets of Bakewell and on to the picturesque Longnor. But that's not all - the iconic Winnats Pass is on our itinerary, promising a driving experience like no other with its steep gradients and limestone ravines.

Final Gathering near Macclesfield (4:30 PM)

As the day nears its close, we'll head to towards Macclesfield. Maybe grab a coffee, reminisce about the day’s journey, share stories, and perhaps talk about perhaps plan for the next supercar event. Plus, for those who’ve been enjoying the throttle a tad too much, there's a nearby fuel station to prepare for the journey home.

What to Bring?

  • Your passion for driving
  • A camera to capture the beauty of the Peak District
  • Your favorite road trip playlist
  • A sense of adventure

As the inaugural drive of the season, this promises to be more than just a drive; it's the beginning of new tales, new friendships, and unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on setting the tone for a fantastic motoring year ahead. Join us, rev those engines, and let’s make this a drive to remember!

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To see event specifics, you must be a Performance Car Exclusive member.

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