Car Club Radios

Selecting the right radio can be challenging.  At Performance Car Exclusive, we have tried out a few and finally settled on the Mitex General Purpose radios.

They provide a reasonable range, depending upon where you are, and provide the following benefits:

Can let members know when there are hazards coming up - potholes, bumps & dips (gotta watch those skirts!), pedestrians and cyclists.They help keep the group together by being able to confirm directions at junctions

They are brilliant for overtaking.  Once the lead car has deemed it safe to overtake, then it is possible to inform the other group members of oncoming traffic for maximum safety.

When travelling with more than 3 or 4 members, it is advised that the last car in the group is in regular contact, especially when coming out of junctions so the other members of the drive know that everyone is together.

We would recommend you get yourself a twin pack, so you can at least use the radios with friends and family.  You should register for a license if you are going to use the radios outside of the club, to ensure you are fully compliant with UK law.  Details are included in the box the radios come in.  You can purchase the twin pack using this link:

Mitex Twin Pack

Alternatively, if you only want to purchase a single radio for use when on club drives, then you don't need a license, as the club already has one.  You can use this link here:

Mitex Single Radio


Other Equipment

If you would like a few extras bit, then we can also recommend the following items:


Spare Battery, although the radios do tend to last all day anyway - Click Here

Earpiece so you don't need to hold your radio when driving - Click Here