The Ultimate Car Winter Storage Guide 

Well winter is on it's way, the nights are drawing in and the frost is starting to appear in the mornings.  Take a look at our handy tips on how to best look after your classic or super car before you store it aware for winter.  Don't leave things to chance - make sure you give it a good once over before leaving your motor to hibernate for a few months.

Check out our ten top tips, with a few ideas for supporting products, just in case you need to stock up.


1. Clean the Beast

Remember that time Jeremy Clarkson tried driving a muddy truck through a black-tie event? Yeah, don't be that guy. Before putting your vehicle to bed, treat it to a spa day. No automated wash nonsense, do it the old-fashioned way. Machines may be good for many things, but they lack the TLC your car deserves.

2. Inside Matters Too

A car's interior is a sanctuary. One time, I found a sandwich from 1987 under a seat. The car's value immediately dropped. Don't be the person who discovers time-travelled snacks. Clean out your car's insides as if royalty was about to take a ride.

3. Keep the Pests Out

During a winter in the 90s, I found a family of mice conducting Shakespeare plays in my boot. Adorable, but not ideal. If you don't want critters turning your ride into a theater, take precautions.

4. Quench its Thirst

Imagine being parched for an entire winter. Terrible, right? Don't let your car feel that. Keep its tank full, and remember that one time when my car sputtered and died in the cold because I thought "fuel stabilizers" were a scam? Lesson learned.

5. Freshen Up

The last time I went without an oil change, my engine sounded like a cat in a blender. Not a pleasant noise. A fresh engine is a happy engine.  Make sure you check the compatibility with your car, before changing the oil!

6. Cool It

If you ever see a car spewing steam like an old locomotive, know that someone neglected their coolant. It's like forgetting to wear your coat in the Alps, you'll freeze, or in this case, overheat.

7. Care for the Shoes

Ever worn a shoe for too long and it deforms to your foot's shape? Now, imagine your tires doing the same on the garage floor. You don't want wonky wheels, trust me.

8. Power Down

Once, I thought I'd be smart and save power by disconnecting the battery. Result? I forgot where I put the battery. Save yourself the trouble and invest in a trickle charger. It's the lazy (and smarter) way.

9. Keep it Under Wraps

Covering your car is like tucking it into bed. And trust me, a car that's been tucked in is a happier one. That time I didn't use a cover? I had to spend hours removing bird surprises. Avoid my mistakes.

10. To Start or Not to Start?

A wise man once said, "If you don't use it, you lose it." But when it comes to cars, the jury's still out. If you do choose to start it occasionally, ensure you're not gassing out your neighbors or any potential mouse tenants.